Tree Felling

No tree is too big or difficult for our qualified and experienced team to fell.

Felling a tree with a chainsaw is a dangerous task that requires careful planning, experience and the right equipment. The team at Arborcraft are professionals with extensive experience in felling coups across the state.

We bring with us the necessary knowledge, skills and experience together with the right felling support tools, to ensure your trees are felled safely and in the direction you want them to fall.

Our safe and professional approach to tree felling means you don’t need to worry about your tree causing any damage to your property when it is removed.


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Tree Removal

At Arborcraft we are experts in Melbourne tree removals.
We use the latest equipment to safely remove any size tree from even the most confined urban spaces without doing any damage to your property.
Our tree removals are managed safely, quickly and cleanly so you won’t be left with any unwanted debris or clean-up – apart from your missing tree, you wouldn’t even know we had been.
Your tree may need to be removed for a number of reasons. Whether your tree has suffered storm damage, outgrown its space or it’s simply being moved to make way for development, we can provide you with the right expertise and equipment to get the job done. 
Safety is our number one priority and you can rest easy knowing we are insured to protect you, your property and our staff in the unlikely event of an incident.
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Providing quality tree care from the ground up

Tree Removal with Cranes

Sometimes using a crane is a cheaper, quicker and safer option to remove your tree.
After inspecting the size of your tree, its location and current state, Arborcraft will advise if a crane is required. And don’t worry, we can arrange the crane for you.
We have been working closely with certified crane companies who are familiar with tree removals for several years.
Depending on the state of your tree, removing it manually may be too dangerous for our staff, you and your property – this is where a crane is a must-have.
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