Tree Works Permits

Some properties are protected by planning controls, and some trees are protected by our Tree Protection Local Law.

You need a permit if:

Your property is covered by any of the following Overlays through the Boroondara Planning Scheme. The Overlays mostly affect properties in and around the Yarra River environs in Hawthorn, Balwyn North and Kew. 
  • Significant Landscape Overlay  
  • Environmental Significance Overlay 
  • Vegetation Protection Overlay
The tree you wish to carry out works on is a 'significant' or 'canopy' tree, then it is covered by our Tree Protection Local Law
  • Significant tree – includes trees listed in our Significant Tree Study (May 2001) of trees and vegetation which are considered to be of environmental, historic, horticultural, biodiversity or other value. Any subsequent trees added to the Significant Tree Study since 2001 are also protected. 
  • Canopy tree – is any tree with a total trunk circumference or a combined multi-stem circumference of 110cm or more (see diagrams below), measured at a point approximately 1.5 metres from the ground. 
  • Complete the Application for tree removal / pruning / root excavation permit form to apply for a permit for these types of tree works. 

Providing quality tree care from the ground up

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