Questions and Answers

Here’s a list of questions that clients have asked us over the years. If your question hasn’t been answered here, please call us, send an email or ask one of our arborists when they visit your site.

Do you have insurances?
Yes. At Arborcraft we are insured to protect you, your property and our staff in the event of an incident. Please contact the office to obtain certificates of currency. 
Are you members of any Associations?
We are members of the following associations VTIO Victorian tree industry organisation
Do I need council permission?
Each council has slightly different requirements, check the council regulations tab on this site. If you are still unsure ask one of our team members
How do I apply for a permit?
Visit your local council website – there is usually an application form which needs to be filled out and an application fee usual applies. Our team can also apply for the permits on your behalf. We do charge a fee for this process.
What happens if Council does not approve the work?
 If council does not approve the removal there is an appeals process you can go through. If the removal is not granted a pruning permit is usually granted. 
Will the person coming to do the quote be qualified?
Yes. All of our arborists are fully qualified or have been given the opportunity to undergo certified training through Arborcraft and the relevant training organisations. Each of our qualified arborists brings with them a wealth of knowledge and experience, enabling us to perform tree care of the highest standard.
Will you take away all the debris?
Yes. We take all the debris away unless specified. Wood can be cut for firewood if requested. You are also welcome to the mulch produced from your job. Please remember though the truck must able to dump the mulch somewhere. 
Will you clean up at the end of the work?
Yes. All tree work at Arborcraft comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the way your property is left, let us know and we will continue to clean up the property until it meets your expectations.
How do you protect my property and gardens?
All work is guaranteed to leave no damage to your property and gardens. Our staff are very careful and will also move any objects in the work area prior to starting, such as pots, furniture and other items.
Will you use spikes “climbing spurs” when pruning my trees? 
 We never use spikes to prune trees. This damages the tree. We use rope and harness techniques. This is non-invasive.
How do you remove entire trees or large trees?
At Arborcraft we are experts in Melbourne tree removals. We use the latest equipment to safely remove any size tree from even the most confined urban spaces without doing any damage to your property. We will be able to decide the best approach for your situation during first inspection.
Do I need to be there when the work is being carried out? 
Whilst many of our clients are not at the job when work is carried out fine pruning etc. we recommend clients be home. The Arborcraft satisfaction guarantee only applies when the client is home at the finish of the job.
How do you remove the stumps? 
With specialist stump grinding equipment and qualified staff, we can offer stump removal solutions for any situation – we can even remove stumps in those hard to reach places like raised garden beds. Arborcraft will completely remove your stump, leaving the area clean and tidy ready for you to make use of your newly reclaimed space. 
How much access to you need?
Our smaller machines fit through a standard width gate the machine is 780mm wide. They climb up standard stair treads. Raised garden beds and retaining walls can be mediated using ramps in most instances. 
Up to what size stump can you grind?
There is no restriction on size of the stump we are able to remove. We have removed stumps that are larger than the size of a car. Our larger machines are able to grind any size stump with ease.
What about services below the ground?
We do not take responsibility for underground services unless service location has been done. We can do service location before grinding for a fee.

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