Tree Reports

We offer comprehensive tree reports on how to best manage your trees. Particularly for development, third parties like local councils require tree reports.

Our clear, accurate and well-tailored reports can help you achieve the best results for your trees as well as the plans for your property.

We prepare these reports for a wide range of clients, from residential property owners, right through to major developers – no job is too difficult or complex.

Tree reports can also help you navigate your way through council red tape quicker and easier.

Don’t delay your project plans – tick all the boxes and get in touch with us about preparing your tree report today.

On-site Consults

At Arborcraft we believe that face-to-face on-site consultation is the best way to deliver our quality service.

Visiting the site allows us to inspect your trees and provide informed expert advice with a holistic view of the situation.

Our arborists are experts in tree care and can provide recommendations on how to address any issues or potential hazards with your tree.


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Tree Surveys

Are you looking to build on your property? If there are trees nearby, a tree survey is crucial.
We can provide a survey of all the trees which may be affected by your development, and importantly, which ones you are required to keep and those which may be removed.
Tree surveys document the locations of trees, their appearance, overall health and life expectancy. It’s a useful guide and can help you make informed decisions early on in the development process, saving you time and money in the long run.
Tree surveys undertaken pre-design stage allow you to:
  • avoid delays with your local council as your development plans are less likely to be rejected
  • make informed decisions about whether to keep or remove the affected trees
  • save unnecessary time and money down the track
  • incorporate trees into the design plans.

Providing quality tree care from the ground up

Tree Hazard Assessments 

It’s really important to maintain the health of your trees and remove any hazards which may affect people or property.

Through our comprehensive tree hazard assessments, our arborists provide recommendations on how to address any issues or potential hazards your tree may present.

The assessments also include a quote, allowing you to consider the work in relation to your budget. We find this is particularly useful for people managing areas with large bodies of trees such as schools or nursing homes.

Remember, don’t wait for a storm to come through your property – be prepared by maintaining your trees and removing unwanted hazards.

Construction Development Reports

If you’re undertaking construction on your property we can help ensure your trees don’t get damaged in the process.

We can assess your trees in light of the construction plans, and provide advice which will help protect your trees before, during and after the works occur.
Taking these simple measures to protect your trees can ensure your property is safe, your trees continue to grow to their full potential and that the natural aesthetics of your area is maintained.
Arborcraft can also work with you to ensure that trees which are meant to be retained aren’t damaged during the construction process, as this can result in a fine from your local council.
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