De-compaction Treatments

If soil becomes too compact it can starve your tree of the necessary oxygen, nutrients and micro-organisms activity it needs to survive.

This is particularly common in urban environments where trees are in high traffic areas like footpaths, carparks or streets. 

Trees are natural recyclers, and unlike their forest-based counterparts, our urban trees don’t have dead branches or leaf matter around their base – a crucial part of a trees ecosystem.

Soil that is too compact can stunt tree growth, and through water and temperature imbalances, can lead to other complications such as root rot.

Natural de-compaction through proper mulching and watering can take years, so to give your tree the best chance at life we use a tool called Air-Spade. 
How It Works

Air-Spade is an excavation tool which uses an advanced air jet to break up and clear away soil around the roots of your tree.

At Arborcraft we use the Air-Spade to de-compact the soil around the tree before spreading mulch around the root zone.

This creates a more porous environment which encourages strong healthy roots and nutrient and water uptake in trees of any age and size. 

Get ready to see your tree thrive again!


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Micro-organism Inoculation

How it works
Micro-organisms play a crucial role in supporting tree health.
Micro-organisms are known to:

  • break down organic matter
  • help the soil retain moisture
  • encourage good soil structure
  • give trees the vital mineral nutrients they need
  • control pests and disease
  • promote tree growth.

Particularly in urban environments, trees are subject to many stresses, limiting their ability to thrive to their full potential.

Micro-organism inoculation will give your tree a new lease on life.
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