Advantages of Tree Pruning

  • By Sam Pusey
  • 01 Mar, 2017

Tree pruning is sometimes necessary to improve the appearance, health and safety of trees. Arborcraft Tree Services can easily and quickly remove these limbs while ensuring that the tree will remain healthy and as natural-looking as possible.


Our experts are certified in determining the best options for unique and individual situations, and will not perform any unnecessary maintenance. Tree Trimming is necessary to prune limbs that pose risk due to any disease, decay, insect damage and other weakness.


Tree pruning supplies a number of good things about your trees and landscape:


  • Health - Tree pruning services include removing unhealthy, damaged, or dead branches on mature trees and youthful trees alike for tree protection.
  • Structural - Youthful tree pruning, also called developmental tree pruning, is pruning carried out for structural enhancement.
  • Appearance and Restoration - Tree pruning for appearance and restoration is important for making the most of the good thing about formal plants and also to help with landscape maintenance.
  • Safety - Tree pruning can safeguard against storm damage and the possibility of falling braches.
  • Visual Access - Improve your landscape’s value, and enhance its beauty with tree pruning.


As a preventative maintenance technique, tree trimming can be used to increase light penetration for younger, growing trees, lessen wind resistance during storms and maintain proper tree shape and growth patterns. We invite you to give us a call with any questions you may have about trees on your property, we are more than happy to help you determine the best tree care path.


Being the best tree service contractor in the area takes more than just having the right equipment and the right experience. It takes a real dedication to providing outstanding customer service with each and every new project. We're dedicated to delivering the absolute best overall customer experience, and we're sure that you'll be able to tell. Give us a call now!

Your Expert & Qualified Arborist in Melbourne

By Sam Pusey 15 Oct, 2017

Tree pruning is an umbrella name for all activities used to enhance the growth and form of a plant. It covers many pruning techniques and methods mostly used on fruit-bearing trees like removing dead or diseased wood, control growth and stimulate the formation of flowers and fruit.


In general, there are three major reasons for pruning trees. Prune to promote plant health is an important aspect of tree care. Removing dead or dying branches injured by disease is an essential part of keeping plants and trees healthy. Pruning to maintain fruits is another reason for tree pruning. Pruning encourages flower and fruit development and can be used to maintain a desired tree form or special garden form. For several types of plants, maintaining a dens hedge can be the reason for tree pruning. Controlling growth of a plant or tree and improving the plant appearance could be the third category of tree pruning. Pruning a fruit tree can be done for design purposes. On the other hand, pruning trees to reduce tree height is a more convenient motive.


How and When to Prune Trees


There are several overviews of tips & tricks or guides to pruning trees. Many pruning jobs can be done on your own. You only need proper information and guidance about a specific tree. Pruning is not the same for every plant or tree. Every tree needs specific pruning actions and techniques. Also, the time for pruning differs with each tree. Therefore, you should always be informed before you start pruning trees.


Pruning Apple Trees


Mostly, fruit-bearing trees need pruning to stimulate the growth of fruit. One of the most common fruit trees in gardens is the apple tree. Apple trees need careful pruning to enhance apple production. How and when to prune an apple tree is a frequently asked question. With the right information, pruning an apple tree can be performed easily. Pruning fruit trees in general should not be time-consuming.

By Sam Pusey 15 Sep, 2017

If you’re planning on redecorating your back yard, there is a chance that you need to remove a tree stump that’s in the way. These usually obstruct quite a significant area, and can be removed easily; at least the medium sized ones. There are plenty of services that offer this service for the right price, but I think that the specialized tree services provide best results, due to their experience in the business. Sometimes it’s possible to remove a tree stump entirely with a pair of shovels but larger ones are permanently planted in soil and can be extracted only by using brute force. A good preparation is everything in this business, and is usually done by the specialists as well. If the tree you need to remove is not cut down, this is the first step that needs to be done in the stump grinding operation.


Cutting Down the Tree


Even though this sounds like a simple operation, cutting down a tree is no laughing matter. The experienced tree cutters might tell you tons of stories from their colleagues that have gotten bad injuries or even died, due to carelessness. Most tree services have genuinely enough experience for this, but every single tree is different, and when you put that tree in a specific environment, the variety of case and probability for something to occur only improves. Therefore, prior to stump removal, the tree needs to be safely cut down. Experienced tree cutters are aware of dangers involved in the process and it’s therefore important to willingly eliminate some of the tree’s degree of freedom and approximately judge its trajectory during its descent. The importance of this is excelled in populated areas, as there is always a need for a stump grinding operation, as well as a whole bunch of homes and people running around.


The Stump Grinding Process


Once the tree is down, a stump grinder comes into place to trim down any excess tree parts. This is important to make sure that the stump is well isolated and has an important role in determining if the stump is eligible for a complete removal or not. This highly depends on the machinery the tree service owns, as this operation usually requires nothing but brute force to get it out – if there isn’t enough power to do so, nothing will happen.


Removing the Stump


Once the grinding process is done, the next step is to prepare the ground around the stump for extraction. This often includes some manual handy work with shovels, just to make room for the machine to approach the stump. Once this is done properly, the stump grinding process is checked one more time to make sure there are no excess branches that might cause injuries and only then can the extraction of the stump begin. The machine will pull it out significantly and possibly cut the roots if they are overpowering the machine. Once this is done, you should fill up the whole with soil or sand to prevent someone from falling in.

By Sam Pusey 01 Sep, 2017

Removing unwanted trees and stumps out of your back or front yard can be a hard and dangerous job to complete. If you have unwanted stumps in your yard, you should contact a qualified and professional arborist who will have the proper training and skills for it.


Most people do not actually know how to extract a stump from the ground but when you choose the right people to do the job, you can get the eyesore out of your yard quickly and easily. Pick a tree stump removalist that can provide not only the experience and know-how but will also bring out all of the necessary tools to get the job done without leaving any mess for you to clean up.


Many homeowners’ associations require that any stump that is in a yard where it can be seen should be removed at the homeowners’ expense. If you attempt to remove the stump yourself without any prior knowledge of stump removal you run the risk of injuring your back or another part of your body.    


When it comes to having   Tree trimming done on your property you should always consider to have a tree company with professionals to do the work for you, because having a tree trimmed can be dangerous and if it is not done properly the branches that are cut can fall on your house, your neighbors or can cause  damage to you.


Tree Removal Service


Tree Removal sometimes is necessary in certain cases because the tree is interfering with other trees, buildings, driveways, leaning against your house or utility wire. There are plenty of reasons why people decide to get Tree removal done.


Removing a large tree is a complicated job that should be left to professionals. A tree service company has the right equipment and experience required to safely remove trees without damaging surrounding structures, let experts do the tree removal, save time and money.


Tree Removal is a highly technical yet delicate and is potentially dangerous process that requires a combination of skills and quality equipment to do a safely and efficiently work.

By Sam Pusey 15 Aug, 2017


 Your trees are precious! We cannot overestimate the contribution they provide towards our environment & our quality of life. Can you imagine cities without the softening effects of trees?


  • Birds or tree animals couldn’t live without trees.
  • Temperatures would become more extreme.
  • Shade would be difficult to find.
  • A higher degree of pollution would prevail.
  • Carbon-dioxide level would be higher.
  • Oxygen level would be lower.


This is only a short list of how fewer trees would affect each of us. Of course, there is also the global impact that these issues have on our environment & our desire for a sustainable future for our children & ourselves.




Why should you use a qualified Arborist to manage your trees? Arboriculture is an expanded "tree specific" component of Horticulture. Having an understanding of tree physiology gives the Arborist an ability to work with the trees natural mechanisms to effectively manage trees in the urban environment & produce desired results.


Ex:  To prune a tree clear of a building and its spouting, a 'lopper' will usually cut the tree back a specified distance regardless of the trees type, form & growth patterns, often allowing the tree to rapidly re-grow structurally poor shoots from unsightly stubs (that will often decay).


Alternately, an Arborist will take into consideration the trees type, form & growth patterns & prune to either discourage re-growth or encourage re-growth in an appropriate position & direction. This reduces both future costs & physical damage (& subsequent health), & leaves an aesthetically & structurally superior tree.

By Sam Pusey 01 Aug, 2017

Tree damage is hard to spot with a naked eye. All through the wintertime, spring, summertime, and fall, thunderstorms come and go. In the course of these storms, branches including limbs may sustain an injury, your tree can even become susceptible to insect problems including disease resulting in further weakness.

Whenever your trees’ systems become diminished, they can go from being beautiful things in your yard to major liabilities. We can’t guarantee that your trees won’t get knocked down during a severe storm, however we can provide a series of preventative maintenance techniques which will not only increase they’re strong but reduce the likelihood of a catastrophe.

Get in touch with our company as soon as possible and we will send one of our qualified representatives to provide you an evaluation and quote regarding your tree care and tree removal needs .

Pruning and Trimming

Correct pruning will enhance a tree’s vigor. It accomplishes this by increasing skeletal strength, decreasing the danger of stem and branch breakage, preventing inefficient growth, decreasing hazards, diminishing vulnerability to insects, and also improving growth patterns. Proper trimming will also make the tree appear more attractive.

We use several different trimming strategies in order to accomplish the best results for any given circumstances. All of these adds up to a beautiful, healthy, natural shaped tree.

Cleaning: We take away dead, diseased, dying, or broken branches.

Thinning: This is performed in order to lower weight load on larger branches, improve light-air penetration to the crown and helps to spruce up the overall shape of the tree.

Lifting: Have you by chance walked along a sidewalk or driveway and struck your head on a branch? If a tree’s branches aren’t giving sufficient space for a walkway, our team can remove them.

Reduction: This is normally performed anytime we’re working with branches that converge with power lines. This helps to protect the form and structural stability of the complete tree.


Tree Removal in Melbourne

Main Reasons for Tree Removal

Despite the fact that we’re nature enthusiasts at heart, in some cases, a tree removal is the best approach available. There are various reasons why trees may need to be removed, these consist of:

  • Tree is dead, infected or dying
  • Tree is slanting towards persons or property
  • It outgrown its growth area
  • Limbs are scraping up against roof structures, windows or power lines
  • Roots making significant intrusion to sidewalk areas (driveway, sidewalk)
  • Storm Damage
  • Open Cavities
  • Diseases
  • Cracks in the timber
  • Loosened or dead bark
  • It’s in the way (New construction-vanity purposes).


Lower Your Liabilities.

Regardless of the particular reason for your tree removal , it must by no means, should not be done by you or a non-professional. There’s a specific criteria you should look into prior to selecting someone to remove your tree. To begin, the specific provider needs to hold all of the appropriate qualifications. This includes being licensed in Australia, insured and bonded. Experience is also of the utmost importance. If one thing goes wrong, you might end up in a bunch of trouble.

By Sam Pusey 15 Jul, 2017

Whether its pruning trees or removing them completely, you really need the assistance of a qualified and experienced tree surgeon. Attempting to do this kind of work by yourself can be incredibly dangerous. We have seen all kinds of horrific damage (to both people and property) as people with little to no experience have attempted to complete the work themselves.

There are obvious risks inherent in felling even a relatively small tree, from it falling on yourself, a member of your family, not to mention destroying your car or the roof and walls of your home (it’s frightening how often this happens to people who do not know what they are doing).

Thankfully we are experts in what we do, and you can rest assured that your property and family will be perfectly safe while we operate.


 4 Things to Look for in a Tree Surgeon


•   References from previous clients

•   Experience

•   Industry Knowledge

•   Relevant Insurance


Without these four things, you should have alarm bells ringing in your head about the surgeon you are considering.


What Everyone Forgets About Tree Removal


The important thing to remember if you are considering getting rid of a tree is to whether or not there is a protection order on it. Your local council can help with this. Just give them a call and ask. I know it seems counter-intuitive perhaps, but the bottom line is that just because a tree is in your garden does not mean you have the automatic right to cut it down.

If this is new information to you, then you are probably immediately annoyed about that. I understand this, as a home owner myself, you feel that the tree is essentially your property and yours to do with as you please.

However, a large tree (a small one is highly unlikely to have a protection order on it – but still check) adds something aesthetically to the whole area, not just your garden. The beautiful view, the value that it brings, has a right to be protected. I am not saying this is right or wrong morally, but this is the law as it stands. Someone in the past may have appreciated your tree that they requested a protection order for it. So do yourself a favor and check with your local authority, otherwise, you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Also, if you are felling a large tree – get a tree surgeon. Seriously, the potential risks are not worth the relatively low cost of a tree surgeon.

YouTube is full of tutorial videos where people try this themselves and get it wrong. Funny as those videos might be interesting to watch, there is a very serious question that is not asked in any of them -who pays for the damage?

A decent tree surgeon will have the relevant insurance policies required for tree removal. You do not. If your tree falls wrong and takes out half your house, your home insurance will not cover you for it. That would be like you setting fire to your home and then claiming your insurance policy for fire damage! Likewise with your car. Or your neighbor's property.

You owe it to yourself and your neighbors to ensure that you use a professional tree surgeon. The potential damages far outweigh the extra cost of a trained and qualified tree surgeon.

By Sam Pusey 01 Jul, 2017

There are many locations that are home to tree service providers, especially in Melbourne, VIC. In these locations along with the other surrounding areas, it can sometimes be difficult to know which service provider to select when there are so many available to choose from. Here at ArborCraft Tree Services , we like to bring you the best information for finding the best tree service in the area for you, so here are some of the top things you should look for during your search.


Due Diligence

When searching for a trusted company to provide tree trimming , removal, or any other form of service, it’s important to do your due diligence. This includes the following:

  • Check for reviews on trusted local business directories like Angie’s List and Yelp, and social media sites like Facebook and Google plus. Top rated companies should have at least one review on at least one of these authority sites.
  • Make sure the company is licensed and insured to perform tree trimming and removal services. If something happens during the process and the company is not insured, you as the homeowner could be held responsible if the occurrence is on your property.
  • Research the company to see how long they have been in business, how many employees they have, and how many jobs they take on average. This could be a good indication of how well they may work with you.


Choosing ArborCraft Tree Services

When there are more than a handful of legitimate looking tree companie s in the area to choose from, how do you decide which one is the best for your needs?


If you have done all of your due diligence and have narrowed it down to a select few that met your specific qualifications, try calling each of them to see how quickly they answer the phone, if they even do at all, and how well they treat you over the phone. This is a great indicator of how you will be treated during treatment and how they operate as professionals overall.


Follow these suggestions and you can find the best tree service in Melbourne for you. There can be tons of tree services in the area but not all of them will be the same, or in some cases nowhere near the same. Doing the proper research can end up saving you lots of time and frustration, not to mention make the difference in the quality of work that needs to be done.


By Sam Pusey 15 Jun, 2017

When you need trees pruned or removed from your property, the cost depends greatly on several details. Ask yourself the following questions before calling a trained arborist for the job. If your answer is yes to any of them, the fees will go up.

1. Is the tree very tall?

Trimming or cutting down very tall trees can be costly. For example, the difference between trimming a 30-foot tree vs. a 60-foot tree can be anywhere from $300 -$10,000 per job.


2. Is the tree close to a building?

Working on trees close to buildings present risks to the structure, especially during removal. Any extra care required to protect a building will add some cost to the service.


3. Is the tree close to power lines?

This presents a safety risk to the arborist , as well as anyone near where the tree work is being done. You can count on higher costs when the trees you want to be removed are near power lines. Be sure and have permission from the local electric company for the work you want to be done as well. They might require that the power lines be shut down during the job.


4. Is there very little space for falling branches and trunk?

If the tree rests in a tight space with little room for branches and removed pieces of the trunk to fall safely, fees go up. Special techniques, and possibly additional equipment, will need to be utilized for the job. This adds more time and more labor to your bill.


5. Is the tree service an emergency?

Emergency work during non-business hours can be extremely expensive. Be sure you have all that information before you ask the tree service company to arrive on a Sunday.


6. Does the tree need to be hauled away?

If you’ve got a fireplace or wood burning stove, your trimmed or chopped tree will come in handy for those cold winter nights. If you don’t have to use the tree, you’ll need to pay an additional fee to have it removed from your property. This might double your overall costs.


Work with a tree service that will come out to your home beforehand to give you a free estimate. Ask what options you have to keep the fees down. Speak with several different companies to get the lowest estimate available.

By Sam Pusey 01 Jun, 2017

Tree removal can be a big decision to make. And it is helpful to have some advice on whether it is the right decision to do. Here are some questions which may give you some clarity as to whether tree removal is the best option for your tree.


1. Is your tree dying, badly diseased or infested by insects?

If your tree is dying, badly diseased or has a terrible insect infestation, depending on where it is located on your property, it may be best to remove it. Tree removal is best for dying, badly infested or diseased trees that might damage property or injure a person. If your tree is close to buildings on your property like your house, shed or garage or overhangs your driveway, walkway, sidewalk, backyard or pool, then tree removal is likely the best choice.


2. Is one side of your tree dead but the other side living?

Having one side of tree dead while the other side is healthy is an indication that there may be root or trunk damage on the affected side. These trees are potentially dangerous as the dead branches have the potential to fall and damage property or injure a person.


3. Is your tree a desirable species?

Many people have trees growing on their property but hardly know what tree species they are. Here are some other undesirable trees: willows, mulberry, black locust, box elder, poplars and a few others. If you have these trees growing on your property, tree removal is a good option. These trees are known to be weak and prone to breaking limbs and dropping large quantities of branches and leaves. Some of these trees are very prone to be infested by insects and others. If you have one of these tree types or if you are unsure as to the tree species you have on your property, give Arborcraft Tree Service a call at 03-9913-5195 and we can tell you exactly the species of tree.


4. Does your tree have trunk damage?

If your tree has severe damage to the trunk or has large vertical cracks along the trunk, then tree removal is needed. These types of injuries to a tree usually suggest there is an internal decay. A hollow trunk in a tree is very dangerous as the tree is weakened at its core. Tree removal is the best course of action.


5. Is the tree planted in an area with adequate space to grow?

If you have a large property and are looking to landscape it to be similar to a forest, then planting shade trees close together is fine. The trees will grow together into one large canopy. If a tree grows too big and is always overhanging the roof of your house, it may need to be removed. This is to protect your roof from damage as well as your eaves. Tree roots can also interfere with your plumbing system if they are located too close to your house.

By Sam Pusey 15 May, 2017

There is a general misunderstanding that tree pruning and trimming is mainly about reshaping a tree to the desired shape. Even though it is one of the many pruning activities, it is certainly not the most important. There are many facets to tree trimming and only experienced tree service company providing professional tree pruning services can do full justice to it.

Tree pruning is hazardous and should be carried out by an expert professional tree service . Trees that grow up to touch utility wires above them and branches that spread out on to roads and obstruct the clear view of motorists need to be pruned. Trees that are struck by lightning or storms might have large branches weakened and if these are not pruned they might break off and fall thereby injuring those below.

Tree pruning in Melbourne to enhance the look of the trees and the landscape should best be left in the hands of experts. They are trained and know the extent of pruning that can be safely done and the shape of the trees that will add a touch of class and exclusivity to the surroundings. Amateur pruners will often randomly prune away trees but arborists know that unlimited trimming for the sole purpose of beautification will do more harm to the tree than good. Trees draw their nourishment through leaves and branches and indiscriminate chopping of branches will structurally weaken the tree. It is always preferable to limit pruning to less than a third of the total volume of the tree.

Apart from pruning to prevent possible damaging situations and enhancing the visual impact, there are other sides of a professional arbor tree service . One aspect that goes virtually unseen by everybody which has a direct bearing on the health of a tree is the formation of conks and fungi which indicate that rot inducing pathogens have affected the tree and it has hollows where the wood has disintegrated. An arborist in Melbourne will know which affected branches to prune to stop the spread of fungi to other healthy parts of a tree.

These points on why professional tree pruning is necessary and should not be treated as a DIY task are just a few examples. The tree removal service cost is small compared to you having an accident. There are a lot more reasons why tree pruning is an integral part of tree care and specialist companies have skilled and trained arborists who use the latest equipment to carry out this activity. Give them a call and take expert opinion even for what you think is an ordinary pruning exercise. You never know what other things might require specific care and attention.

Most of the people in Melbourne, and other parts of the country suffer from tree or branches falling onto their buildings and affecting the lives of a lot of people. This can be a very dangerous situation, so you need to make sure to call the best Local Tree Service in Melbourne if you have trees on your house, building or disrupting nearby areas.

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